Mysore Self Practice

rps20150513_040146Take the scenic route via Undoing & Evolving

‘Now the practice of yoga begins’ ~ Patanjali‘s Sutra 1.1

To undo, to deconstruct, to analyze Mysore or oneself is a detour toward asnail’s pace’ or escargot self-practice.

The traditional/original Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga methodology remains uncontaminated, intact, the preservation of the lineage is ongoing.

I offer a dissecting approach to those among us – who are in a hurry to get somewhere, who are deluded with boot camp yoga or whatever,  who started first with running instead of walking, and to all curious seekers who do not mind traveling the scenic route while listening to fundamentals and experiencing their panoramic views.

You will be encouraged to evolve naturally in an ‘injury free zone’.

Ahimsa or non violence is the name of the game, by slowing down we can discover the depth of our life cycle or breath, our intuitive self and ‘breathe the feeling’. 

Alignment (knowing) and breath (integration) are like the sun and the moon, we need both energetically – adaptation (to what is taking place within ourself) is like our inner sky. The body cries for balance, the mind feeds on prana and we still dream to move beyond our self created cages (ego self).  Maya


In Ashtanga Vyniasa Yoga precise sequences of postures are linked with the breath in a conscious wave-like flow of movement.

There are many benefits which naturally flow from its practice: flexibility, strength, clarity, calm, understanding and well-being.

Please Note: George the mascot will be present too, snoring peacefully in the background while keeping an eye on your downward and upward dogs – he is an expert. He is a dog and knows it – well behaved of course!

If you cannot handle a dog in the vicinity this ain’t gonna work unless you give it a try.

King George is human friendly.

(Photo courtesy of Govinda Kai: Guruji & Richard)