Intuitive Talk Therapy

nature-plant-leaf-drop-of-water“Study without meditation is labor wasted; meditation without study is perilous.”  Confucius

Everyone has to find a way that feels safe and true. Like a fox walking on thin ice, to be brave enough to pull up the curtains of self-denial and let the light of our humility and devotion shine through our karmic residues. And then, diligently, like a soldier dismantling mining sites begin the process of meeting face to face and one by one with our daemons.

We make time to deal with our imagination in a very simple and realistic way by breathing through what is taking place. Our inner work is about looking closely at all our relationships, first and foremost to oneself. Caring about how you feel is your exit out of your head space and away from your past.

Like an old friend, I will listen quietly to what you wish to share, intuitively read your storyline, share my impressions with you and i will support and guide you in the process of involving yourself consciously, in order to evolve naturally into a balanced human being. 


♡ Intuitive ‘Inner Strength’ Talk Therapy  1 hr / £100

Booking Procedure 

☆ Please see Contact page and let me know what your needs are.

☆ Your appointment is confirmed by booking your session here.

☆ Bookings cannot be held unless paid for at the time of scheduling.

Personalized recording sessions available

I also offer personalized audio recordings for this work for those who cannot make live appointment sessions.

♡ Healing Moments: ‘Inner Strenght‘ Audio (mp3)  30 mins  /  £50

Booking Procedure for personalized recording session

☆ Please Contact Me.

☆ Your personalized intuitive audio is confirmed by booking here.

☆ A confirmation will be emailed to you followed by a private audio link.

☆ Please allow 3 to 7 days for your personalized intuitive audio to be processed.

Make time for yourself because you are the only one who can.