‘To understand etiquette and to understand packing order in a line up, it does not matter who you are when you go somewhere you sit on the shoulder and you wait you know, you wait for the leftovers and that’s the way you gain respect. Good for the crew that’s holding their breakdown.. If they’re good surfers and good people, they’ll see a new comer who’s understanding the protocol and understanding the etiquette and they’ll slowly let him in because that person is playing the game the way it supposed to be played. That’s the tradition, that’s the way the old Hawaiians did it, that’s the way the beginning Californians surfers did it, they surfed waves together because they understood each other, they knew each other. As surfing grows, new surfers have to understand it takes years to get your spot in a line up – years you know’.  The Malloy Brothers ~ Professional Soul Surfers

My intuitive well being services and art work with humans and animals are inspired and aligned with the work of the teachers/organizations below:

Knowledge is power and power is to know yourself

♥  His Holliness the 14th Dalai Lama  ~  Heart Training

♥  Arnaud Desjardins  ~  Devotion

♥  Mind & Life Institute  /  Mind & Life Institute  ~  Contemplating Science

♥  I Ching  ~  Wisdom of the Ages

♥  School of Evolutionary Astrology  ~  Know Pluto

♥  Steven Forrest Astrology  ~  Ouranos

♥  Fresh Astrology  ~  Intuitively Yours

♥  Ashtanga Yoga Institute  ~  Vande Gurunam

♥  Yoga Workshop  ~  Friendly Foundation

♥  Yogastha  ~  Mastermind

♥  Carl Jung  ~  I & Me

 Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes  ~  Woman’s Soul

♥  Carolyne Myss  ~  Healing Time

♥  Dr Elaine Aron  ~  Sensitive Inner World

♥  Loner Wolf  ~  Kinship

 Anatomy Trains  ~  Internal Zooming

♥ …