Evolutionary Mission

Involve Yourself and Evolve

Mind Your Yoga invites you to explore and identify what you are made of, by working intuitively through different healing modalities that are meant with time to redefine who you are. To show you how to get familiar with your mind by connecting to your body. To inspire you to cultivate the desire to mind your life in general, yourself in particular and ultimately breathe compassion.

Yoga is not an exercise with a no pain no gain motto, a set of techniques to help you take off from Earthy airport and to land you softly in Shangri-La mystical valley or, a bunch of relaxation tips to make you look forever young and sexy or, to become exclusive members of a yoga-planet club – not quite. But an old science that is so very vast and profound, an antidote to our global malaise: time is running out; the ice caps are melting, the deserts are spreading, animals are disappearing, the population is endlessly growing, conflits are raging, older we are getting with death waiting and, where confusion, depression and tribal stigmas like diseases are running rampant – a dark age indeed.

The way out is in, there is no other exit none whatsoever. After all, we are here to evolve, so let just do that by taming a mind that is so very precious and trust a breath that knows: First and foremost care about the way you feel.
Mind Your Yoga Empower yourself by being open minded, honest and disciplined, so you can align naturally with who you truly are instead of who you think you are. Move toward perceiving something about you that is different and start looking for that quiet inner space where everything is as it should be and, where adaptation, integration and peace can finally take place.

Welcome Back Home!