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Maya Savati (Munay Ayni)

Maya Savati (Munay Ayni)

I am a spiritual intuitive guide, yoga teacher, massage therapist, animal reader and Munay-Ki practitioner. My natural abilities as a claircognizant empath and a highly...

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I have enjoyed your yoga lessons immensely, they have helped me on my journey to find happiness and awareness. – Claire

It is my sincere opinion that yoga doesn’t exist without the breath, our vital driving force, and no other teacher has made that come more alive, loud and clear like you have Maya. – Caroline Stefanou

Maya’s depth of knowledge is truly first class, she has a wealth of experience and this shines through her work.  Although Maya knows a lot about the anatomy/physiology of asana practice there is so much more depth to Maya’s classes, a mystical sense of magic, philosophy, history and respect. You are very well looked after physically, mentally and spiritually.  – Mark Smith

Thank you Maya for teaching me yoga – mind, body and spirit. For my mind you taught me patience and compassion and how to treat myself with these qualities. For my body you reminded me to use these qualities in my asana practice. You read my body like a book. You unraveled both the physical and mental knots with your skills in Thai Massage. For my spirit you helped me understand what I always knew and inspired me to take my studies further. I am now satisfied that I have a clear sense of my purpose in this life. – Dorothy Steedman

I have received Thai massage and yoga sessions with Maya and am blown away with her intuition, knowledge and understanding of the principles. I am a fitness trainer that has a lot of yoga experience and studied Thai massage as well as received many massage treatments in Thailand and Maya is honestly as good if not better than anyone I have come across. – Craig Ali

Thank you so much for being such a patient, caring and insightful teacher. Your work and teaching has made a profound difference to me on every level. – Elaine H.

A beautiful hidden gem in an old city. – French Fan

In Maya’s yoga classes and workshops you will get the most inspiring, creative, intuitive, fun and necessary teachings you have ever experienced.- Catherine Cant

“Because of your dream and what happened… You are a healer… I wish I could take you back with me to Tibet.” – The late ~ H.E. 8th Kyabgon Trulshik Adeu Rinpoche (1931-2007)

Without yoga I couldn’t have managed such a beautiful, drug-free water birth. I’m very grateful to you for guiding me all the way through my pregnancy. It was an exciting journey! – Verena

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