Be Happy Again

Posted By Maya on May 15, 2014


All cool and relaxed

The body has its own language and being in love wins despite a rainy night, joy and lightness of heart take over.

The bad weather is not responsible for our moodiness – we are simply reacting to ourselves, to our thoughts and then their respective emotions. We feel at times too overwhelmed to breathe the feeling left behind by our exhalations.

Nobody is to blame for our short comings or temper tantrums. It is our lack of mindfulness that bring to the fore our endless headaches.

We are distracted all the time, everything is a distraction, the more distracted we are the more impatiente we become and therefore less tolerant – even the rain becomes a pain when in reality imagination is all there is.  

Dancing in the rain could be very liberating instead of a nuisance. 

Let your skin drink the water and dance until the sun decides to remain.

Wake up! Go inside (yourself) and then get out.