Cool New York

Posted By Maya on July 29, 2014

All cool and relaxed

Our spiritual practice is meant to help us work with our emotions and to learn to control and dismantle them – now that we can reach for our toes or not is just the act of reaching for our toes.

Fear and anger spread from the same root – ignorance. We can find a way to breathe out just at the right time as not to lose our balance, to notice the first seed of that hot and red energy with our in breath and breathe out with great depth.

Our frustrations, self-righteousness, restlessness, impatience, intolerance, hatred, anxiety need to be looked at. We could keep on training ourselves as not to forget and not get overwhelmed by our perceptions – it is not easy, this army of emotions is tenacious and has great power, but willing to change is a step forward in the right direction towards ‘alignment’.

Cool means to be in control and relaxed means that we know why we are relaxed, we understand and there is a feeling of joy and confidence that comes with that.

‘All cool and relaxed’ is what you are aiming at and if you succeed in feeling more and more that way then that is a good start.

For some practioners, with the right motivation, genuine curiosity in others, thinking about why things appear the way they are, asking yourself why is karma/reincarnation worth investigating, then maybe, depending on you, your past and present breath residues and how badly you want what you want – never mind, if you cannot put a name on that feeling, that thing inside that wants to be heard and seen too – that thing that keep you sane.

Who knows, maybe with all the auspiciousness in the air, you might stumble honestly upon a kind and humble teacher that knows – just knows – what you don’t. Knowing is his business you see and devotion could be yours, because this is the only way in the field of yoga to enter a relationship that has started a long time ago – even if you don’t remember. And, can last for many life times to come, if you can survive the intensity and raw reality of what will take place.

If you are uterly confuse just snap your fingers now!