A Descent Ritual

Posted By Maya on December 3, 2014

Lets wait and see 

Feeding time!

Let your dog know that you do care by testing him from time to time, look after him in a way that feels safe and let his nobility, his intelligence and his affection unfold naturally.

The above challenge has a purpose: to drain him mentally so relaxation can take place easily and to stimulate his brain – dogs don’t care much about watching television or having their toenails painted. Instead, lets get down to their level and learn a conversation without words. Lets remember that animals do not thrive on kisses and toys.

Your energy commands and your body tells the truth. Alors, allow your animal to show you how aligned and free his mind can be – a reminder for the two legged creature to keep on reaching for the same state of being.

Learn to stretch beyond your skin, to be at ease with who you are and, first and foremost the most important relationship is with yourself; your dog is an extension of who you are and at the same time he is a free spirit. 

A balanced dog is a healthy, energetic and friendly dog. Maybe there is something for us to learn here.

Acknowledge his presence and know how privileged you are to have attracted such a teacher into your life. 

The End

Star: King George