Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar

Posted By Maya on August 24, 2015

~◆~   14 December 1918  ~  20 August 2014   ~◆~

“We must learn in our performance of asanas to express the outer form and beauty of the pose without losing our inner attention. The skin is an organ of perception. If does not act. It receives. All actions are received by the skin, but if your flesh overstretches when you are performing an asana, the skin loses its sensitivity and sends no message to the brain.

In the West, you tend to overdo the stretch. You want to get something. You want to do it quickly. You want to succeed in doing the pose, but you don’t feel the reaction. The flesh extends so much that it makes the organ of perception insensitive, and because it has become insensitive, the reflection from the action to the mind is not felt..  

You should know that though the brain is situated in the head, the mind exists in the entire fabric of man.. Meditation is a dynamic balance of intellectual and intuitive consciousness. I meditate, not sitting in a corner, but in every movement of my life, in every position I perform, in every asana.. I mean fullness in meditation. I am full in my body. I am alert in my brain. I allow my mind to stretch itself, to diffuse, to cover the various parts of my body.

 Thus, I learn how to be at one with my body, my brain, my mind, my intelligence, my consciousness and my soul without any divisions at all. That is how I practice”.


The Tree of Yoga by Yogacharya B.K.S Iyengar