What’s Up Doc?

Posted By Maya on September 23, 2015

Breathe the Feeling


If you were invited to sit on a comfy couch and asked to revisit your memory drawer chest for a spring cleaning, to see if there were any spiderwebs left in those dark corners of your deep psyche – would you go back memory lane for a short visit?

The trouble is that we do not know that we are in trouble. We could leave the leather couch behind and even our meds (not recommended for everyone) and trust our own goodness, sit alone in a supporting position and become our own therapist.

Everyone has to find a way that feels safe and true. Like a fox walking on thin ice, to be brave enough to pull up the curtains of self-denial and let the light of our humility and devotion shine through our karmic residues. And then, diligently, like a soldier dismantling mining sites begin the process of meeting face to face and one by one with our daemons.

We breathe through them almost every single moment, they watch our every single move in a singular manner.

They are waiting, still. Maybe it is time to get a bit closer, to get familiar and breathe what we can – while we can.