Happy Feet

Posted By Maya on April 20, 2019

All cool and relaxed

I hope you appreciate the steps.. Here you have it in the art of tap dancing, the sheer joy of seeing how two feet with the right balance of doing, pushing, relaxing and in perfect coordination with the upper segment of the body can do!

Be creative on your mat, it is all right to stretch beyond it and adapt to the circumstances, just follow your inner music. Use the space around you, walls, chairs, tables, doors, trees to experiment with new ideas and get a new feeling out of your experience.

A new view on your inner scenery is something to look for and appreciate without being attached in the process. Goalessness is the goal – the ultimate cool state.

Apply methods and your own signature to your inner art, after all, you are your own admirer and critic. 

Spontaneity is contagious and happiness is a choice – imagine dancing without smiling, please don’t try, it is not worthwhile.