Keep On Going

Posted By Maya on May 25, 2019

All cool and relaxed

Look closely, you will notice that our French dancer warms up with great rhythm and all.. You’ve probably been taught or heard many times not to push your body in your yoga asanas but instead to take it really easy and allow your breath to take over or something along those lines.

But here, our dancer can afford pretty much anything she likes, because the context allows it. She is at the top of her game and regardless of what she does, she is very likely to be good at it. Anyway, she is sexy and knows it and we are very happy for her.

If we approach our formal practice like we have something to prove to ourselves and to the world, then we should not be surprised if our body starts breaking under the weight of our heavy-duty ego!

There are times when we have to stand our ground, raise our voice, step in, keep quiet or just pretend.

Alors, always check your mirrors, signal before overtaking and keep your eyes on the road – always double check your motivations before taking off on your magic carpet and keep your gaze steady – smiling is optional.

There is a time and place for action and for adaptation.

Just know what you are doing and if you can, breathe present time.