Ashtanga Yoga Therapy

The body is a miracle and the breath is everything. Maya


One of the many meanings of Yoga is freedom: “Yoga chitta vritti nirodha” or “Yoga is the resolution of conflict in our mind”. Patanjali’s Sutra 1.2


The science of Yoga is preventive and curative. Yoga therapy or Yoga Chikitsa is a powerful and unique healing modality that initiates the process of cleansing, purifying and balancing the internal organs.

The body knows and has always known that with every breath we take, we die. We’ve lost touch with the depth of our breath and with our ability to be aware of this body we live in – we are not aware that we are unaware.

Life is a process of death and regeneration into a higher level of awareness; by working diligently to keep our equilibrium in all our relations, we can learn to live within the boundaries of our own skin in a way that is natural and dignified.  Maya


♡ Ashtanga Yoga Therapy  75 min. / £100

♡ Personalized Video ~ 30 min. / £100

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Photo courtesy of Govinda Kai: Guruji & Richard Freeman