Fresh Atmosphere


“Such things as light and wind only have meaning when they are introduced inside a house in a form cut off from the outside world.” Tadao Ando

The state of our body, home, car, desk.. animals has a lot to say about our state of mind. How much do we care? Despite the fact that we are all living in our self created little worlds, the reality is that there is only one planet we are standing on – your environment to a certain extent is mine too.  

I delight in creating beautiful, practical and cozy spaces out of nothing without adding anything new, trying to make the most of what is already there, to declutter, organize, enrich a place/garden and if the space is empty, the artist in me will create magic, style and originality; a piece of art!

This is for those wishing for comfort, ease and peace at home. A place you feel you could take refuge in (including others, dog/cat) away from the noisy world out there, from a busy mind in here while appreciating the serenity of your sacred space. 

If you dream to imbue your dwelling with a peaceful and fresh atmosphere please Contact Me.

Pricing: Please call or write for more details and pricing.

Lost in translation?

Raymonde: Why don’t we go to Toulon? You are so stubborn, you’ll come to a sticky end.

Edmond: So what?

Raymonde: You were never fatalitarian.

Edmond: Fatalistic.

Raymonde: The result is the same. Why do you have a crush on her? Aren’t we happy?

Edmond: No.

Raymonde: Are you sure?

Edmond: Yes.

Raymonde: Don’t you like our life?

Edmond: Do you?

Raymonde: I have to, I got used to it. Despite my black eye, you’re a good bloke, in the ring we fight, in bed we talk things through and we get along just fine when we hit the sheets.

Edmond: I am sick of it. I feel suffocated, you get it? Suffocated.

Raymonde: In the sea air, you’d breathe better.

Edmond: It’ll smell fishy anywhere we go.

Raymonde: Let’s go to the colonies –

Edmond: With you?

Raymonde: Why not?

Edmond: I need a change of atmosphere and you are my atmosphere.

Raymonde: I have never been called an atmosphere before. I am an atmosphere, you are a weird village. You claim to be what you aren’t and brag of what you have been.. Atmosphere? Atmosphere? Do I look like an atmosphere? Go on your own! Enjoy your fishing and your atmosphere!